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I'm a mommy to four unique little spirits who challenge me daily and help me grow! Married to my best friend for 12 blissful years. Stay-at-home-work-my-ass-off mother of four. Han Ban Bu Belt in kwon Shu karate. Driver of mauve colored Town and Country mini-van...You gotta love the mini van!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today is what I have deemed "Laundry Catch-Up Day". In other words, when my babysitter comes, so Rico and I can have some kind of an actual relationship, she folds my laundry. Sooooo it only makes sense that I would be sure to have as much of it clean as possible!! So basically I get up, send the kids to school, put on some headphones and hit the piles! My question, however, is how can one family possibly acquire as much dirty laundry as we do? Seriously! It's ridiculous!

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