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I'm a mommy to four unique little spirits who challenge me daily and help me grow! Married to my best friend for 12 blissful years. Stay-at-home-work-my-ass-off mother of four. Han Ban Bu Belt in kwon Shu karate. Driver of mauve colored Town and Country mini-van...You gotta love the mini van!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"I totally Peed-ed!"

Good thing he's so cute!
So it's no secret that Devin wakes up several times during the night and usually ends up in my bed. Well, last night he came in and we made him a bed on the floor, then within a couple of hours he was sleeping at the foot of our bed causing me to scrunch my feet up underneath me. Soooo comfortable! Is it any wonder why I have sleep issues? Anyway, at about 5am he rolls over and wakes me up to say, "Mommy? I made a bad choice, I can feel my underwear and I totally peed-ed" (he always adds the extra "ed" at the end of words!) So, yeah. That's how my day began. 5am. A pee puddle where my feet should be. Washing off Devin. Wishing I were on vacation somewhere....anywhere.


G said...

Ugh! I had this same scenario happen to me a few days ago, sans the apology, and the "pee-ed" was replaced by barf. Gotta love kids. :) I'm glad you have a blog.

Knowles Family said...

Katie - I'm excited about your blog! Thanks for sending us the link. We'll be sure to check it often and see what you guys have been up to! Have a great day!!